GoodWe Inverter

Here you can download and install Homey app for Goodwe integration

How to setup cloud integration


  • Inverter must be connected to internet
  • Inverter sends live data every 5 minutes to cloud (not an average over a given period)
  • Cloud is not completely reliable and sometimes has outages

How to setup MODBUS integration (may not work on all inverters)

  • Find your inverter local ip address (something like
  • Open app, add new device Goodwe Modbus and set IP and port for it


  • Inverter must be connected to local network (same as Homey)
  • Inverter sends data every 5 seconds (unless you choose to change interval)
  • It is very fast, reliable, but it requires technical knowledge or other assistance
  • It may require inverter firmware update
  • It may require LAN module


  • tested with Goodwe GW10K ET (firmware 923) with LAN Module